We revolutionize memory care and empower families living with younger-onset Alzheimer’s.

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Through a multi-year process, Lorenzo’s House will become a part of the radical shift in the approach and quality of care available to families living with Alzheimer’s. We will build a community united with our innovative day academy, care partner match platform, healing & respite series and youth camp. Until a cure is found, our community will stand in solidarity, shift the narrative – and bring light to Alzheimer’s.

A photo of Lorenzo, Diana and their two sons

Founding Story

In 2017, everything in our life changed. Abruptly and devastatingly, the love of my life, my husband was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s. It seemed like overnight the disease took over and I watched him courageously try to convey his love and lessons to our sons, and unwavering commitment to me.

Suddenly, we were different, with a new identity, and nobody knew who we really were anymore. Our sons bravely began to navigate this new way with peers who didn’t understand – and being a single parent, sole breadwinner and primary care companion – managing a complex and changing disease, was my new role. Survival was our mode of operation most of the time, yet connection, knowledge and healing seemed imperative to somehow remain whole on this journey – this diagnosis of the family.

As do all families living with Alzheimer’s, we learn the urgent need for quality care for our loved one, and comfortable spaces for our family to belong. Very quickly we recognized the gaping connection and care gap and I began to imagine of a place that would sustain and heal families like mine. While Lorenzo so bravely faces this disease, and our sons find their way with its far-reaching impact, I am compelled to make meaning of the loss and grief, fill a massive gap and turn a dark space into something bright. I visualized a care model that brings innovation, connection and light. I envisioned Lorenzo’s House –

Our Mission

At Lorenzo’s House we empower families living with younger-onset Alzheimer’s through an array of holistic support, ensuring we walk this journey united – never alone.

Our Vision

Until a cure is found, Lorenzo’s House is needed for families everywhere living with an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

With a focus on younger-onset, our holistic approach will build a much needed alliance among families, and revolutionize care in an industry where existing practices need profound reimagining. Designed to empower, align and sustain family care partners and their loved ones, our care angel match, youth initiatives, respite healing spaces and adult day care lab holistically address the social and clinical needs of families living with Alzheimer’s.

Our model will incorporate research-driven practices and new concepts with a focus on social & emotional wellness. We will be inclusive and equitable, bringing together families everywhere.

Our Values

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Our future vision: we imagine building a single, thriving Lorenzo’s House – and then building a sister-house in an under-resourced community where we fill the same care & connection gap.