We revolutionize memory care and empower families living with younger-onset* dementia.

Through a multi-year process, Lorenzo’s House will become a part of the radical shift in the approach and quality of care available to families living with younger-onset dementia. Starting from our home base in Chicago, we built a community nationally and globally united with our innovative day academy, carepartner match platform, healing & respite series and youth summit. Until a cure is found, our community will stand in solidarity, shift the narrative – and bring light to young-onset dementia.

*Younger-onset dementia is diagnosed when a person under 65 develops dementia; some people are diagnosed even as young as their 30s or 40s.

Founding Story

A photo of Lorenzo, Diana and their two sonsIn 2017, my husband was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s. What seemed like overnight, our entire family dynamic changed, and we took on a new and heavy identity. While my husband bravely faced this diagnosis and our 11 and 14 year old sons found their way as caregivers for their Dad with a complicated condition, I grew overwhelmed as a primary care partner, single mom and breadwinner.

Very quickly I recognized the connection and care gap for our family and that I was not alone. Families living with a younger-onset diagnosis are too often misunderstood and under-resourced. There are many of us, but the resources designed for us are few and far between. After my shock, denial, and later acceptance, I was determined to turn so much sorrow into something bright – so, I imagined a place that would sustain and heal our family and others like us. I visualized a care model that brings innovation, connection, and light to the whole family. I envisioned Lorenzo’s House.

Lorenzo’s House was founded in 2021 with a tagline, ‘We Bring Light’ representing our aim to shift the narrative from isolation and suffering – to connection and joy. It is through the design and implementation of our holistic model including; Youth Initiatives, Carepartner Connections, Memory Academy and Respite & Healing Spaces that we will create a place for us to belong — an alliance of families walking a younger-onset Alzheimer’s diagnosis united – never alone.

Our Mission

At Lorenzo’s House we empower families living with younger-onset dementia through an array of cost-free holistic support programs, ensuring we walk this journey united – never alone.

Our Vision

Until a cure is found, Lorenzo’s House is needed for families everywhere living with a young-onset diagnosis.

With a focus on younger-onset dementia, our holistic approach will build a much-needed alliance among families and revolutionize care in an industry where existing practices need profound reimagining. Designed to empower, align and sustain family carepartners and their loved ones, our carepartner companion match, youth initiatives, respite and healing spaces, and adult day care lab holistically address the social and clinical needs of families living with young-onset dementia.

Our model will incorporate research-driven practices and new concepts with a focus on social & emotional wellness. We will be inclusive and equitable, with free care and support, bringing together families everywhere.

Our Values

Our future vision: we imagine building a single, thriving Lorenzo’s House – and then building a sister-house in an under-resourced community where we fill the same care & connection gap.