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2021 Progress Report – 365 Days of Light

We accomplished many incredible things in 2021. Read our full progress report.

Chicago Nonprofit Supporting Families Living with a Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Secures $1M Donation

Chicago nonprofit Lorenzo’s House, an organization that works to empower families navigating younger-onset Alzheimer’s through innovative, specialized programming for both the person diagnosed, their care-partner-spouse and children, is capping off its eventful first year of operation by announcing a $1 million donation from an anonymous donor. 

Lorenzo’s House supports families whose loved ones have Alzheimer’s

Lorenzo’s House youth who attended our Youth Camp in June 2021 and inspired and attended our Lorenzo’s Youth Light Clubs speak on the impact of the community and connection from Lorenzo’s House.

Young-onset Alzheimer’s & Lorenzo’s House: Changing Lives with Hope

Tune into the N2 Creative Aging podcast to hear Lorenzo’s House founder Diana Shulla Cose discuss her story and how she is making connections and bringing hope into the world with Angel Duncan.


Lorenzo’s House supports families whose loved ones have Alzheimer’s

Lorenzo’s House is built around helping others who are suffering from Alzheimer’s, to make sure families know they’re not alone in the fight. Founder Diana Shulla Cose discusses with ABC7 Chicago’s Maher Kawasa.


Free Youth Camp For Kids Who Have A Parent With Dementia

Our Host, Lori La Bey will be talking with Diana Shulla Cose is the care partner, for her husband Lorenzo was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s. She has seen the impact this disease has had on their own family.

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