Carepartner Companions

A proven carepartner-to-carepartner mentor model

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A Carepartner Companion at Lorenzo’s House is a proven carepartner-to-carepartner model for family members, adult or youth who have a loved one diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s and other dementias. This personalized match offers one on one connection with someone who understands. It is vital for carepartners to connect with someone who has walked this journey. We imagine a world where we walk united – never alone.

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In 2003, Jonny founded Imerman Angels (IA), a 1:1 international peer support network for those affected by cancer and headquartered here in Chicago. He founded the organization after personally battling cancer at age 26 – a battle made more burdensome by not feeling connected to others sharing his experience. He had never met someone his age with cancer, and knew that there would be value in connecting people in a broad network. Thus, he began an idea that is now a proven model that custom matches cancer fighters to cancer survivors – and carepartners, patients, and loved ones seeking support all around the world. Its personalized approach and unique model has touched countless lives.

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This model is an inspiration for improving care in the Alzheimer’s space as well. Jonny graciously joined the Board of Directors at Lorenzo’s House and together we will modify the IA model and build a carepartner to carepartner match to support families on this journey.

If you are a carepartner to someone living with Alzheimer’s or know of someone who may want to learn more, please connect with us – and together we can envision a world where no one has to live with Alzheimer’s alone.