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Caring for Those with Alzheimer’s: African American Voices

In recognition of the hard work and dedication of African American caregivers, Alzheimer’s Los Angeles, with funding from the Arthur N. Rupe Foundation, has created three short videos featuring local families caring for their family member with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. In these videos, families share information about warning signs, going beyond the stigma of the disease, and getting help to assist them on their journeys.

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If the Person with Alzheimer’s Lives with Us, What Can I Expect?

It may seem like the person with Alzheimer’s is changing in ways that make your relationship different, but why? The answer is almost always that the disease is responsible for the changes, and keeping that in mind will allow you to cope with the situation more easily. Watch this video to learn more, and to explore making some changes of your own.

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‘What Is Alzheimer’s Disease?’ Video

These very-short “pocket” films are designed to be viewed anywhere at anytime: a doctor’s office, a Congressional hallway, a family living room. Please take them. Put them on your own website or powerpoint presentation; play them on your phone or tablet. They are free for non-commercial use.

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‘I Am a Teen Caregiver. Now What?’ Book

Many teens enjoy a carefree time of school, some light household responsibilities to help their family, and good times with their friends. According to a National Alliance of Caregiving report in 2005, at least 1.3 million children between the ages of eight and eighteen are shouldering the heavy responsibilities of caring for family members who cannot care for themselves without help. Readers will get a frank description of the work faced by many teen caregivers. Teens who are immersed in this life already can find resources and organizations for support, as well as sound advice for coping in tough times.

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