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National Alzheimer’s Buddies

We pair college students with dementia residents for weekly 1-on-1 visits. We train students to befriend those with dementia, to learn about the person beneath the disease — their passions, their story — and to focus on discovering new ways to make the most of the present. 

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Each year, early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease affect the daily lives of a growing number of Americans under 65. As measured by the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Health IndexSM in 2017, about 131,000 commercially insured Americans1 between the ages of 30 and 64 were diagnosed with either condition. Learn more about the current trends.

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Loneliness and Alzheimer’s Disease Ted Talk

This Ted talk addresses the loneliness of Alzheimer’s disease that is felt by the entire family and how it could be greatly reduced with a national conversation about what we should be valuing in a person. Susan Frick, MSW, LSW, has worked at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center since 1997. She coordinates dementia-specific training programs for healthcare professionals and helps coordinate the Dementia Friendly and Dementia Friends initiatives in Illinois.

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Do you have a resource that you feel could benefit someone living with a younger-onset dementia diagnosis? Or perhaps a resource that may help someone simply understand what younger-onset dementia is? We aim to collect your resources and share them with the Lorenzo’s House audience! 

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