Lorenzo's House is a leading Internationally recognized organization and solution for younger-onset dementia.

1 in every 16 dementia patients you see is under age 65. You’ve been asking for support. It’s here. It’s brilliant. It’s FREE. Come learn about Lorenzo’s House, an International resource for younger-onset dementia. With a strong focus on the carepartner and the youth walking this journey, Lorenzo’s House is here to shift the narrative for our families. In your clinic setting, you can now refer your patients to Lorenzo’s House, a ready-to-send tailored resource for the whole family with our informational series.

Building Awareness | Offering Resources


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Let us shift the narrative with you!

Can you spare 20 minutes to learn how to support families living with younger-onset dementia?

We’ll come to your school, hospital, staff meeting, community event, town hall, or other event and give a 20-minute presentation introducing Lorenzo’s House and our mission, screening our short film “Shifting the Narrative” for an intimate look into the life of a family living with younger-onset dementia, and offering a brief Q&A.

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